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  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

Made with love

Kale Crisps - Wheat and Dairy Free. Paleo & Keto. Enjoy these straight from the packet. Crumbs at the bottom of the pack can be sprinkled into salad or soup for an extra bit of flavour.

The Maker says…

"Deliciously crunchy, cheesy-tasting, but totally dairy-free kale crisps. A good-for-you snack that is gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar-free. Our special low temperature drying (not frying) process leaves enzymes and nutrients so essential to vibrant health intact. We’ve been big fans of kale since before Beyonce wore it on a sweatshirt...and for good reason. Kale is loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and K and tonnes of minerals to boot. These Chee*y Kale Crisps are a perfect savoury snack packed with nutrition, yet low carb to boot! Finally, a guilt-free, super-moreish snack that can properly replace those naughty crisps.


Kale*, cashews (nuts)*, nutritional yeast*, lemon*.



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Alexi, the Founder of Cru8, believes that a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, well-being, and productivity benefits. She has been a raw food advocate since 2009 and has seen the transformational nature of eating high-raw firsthand. Since the beginning of Alex Read more



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