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Delivery Cost

Hi there,

Welcome to Melted Inside!

You’d like to find out how it works with the delivery cost of your orders with us.

First of all, Melted Inside, like some other marketplaces, we do not set or influence the delivery cost policies of our makers.

The delivery cost of an order is the sum of the delivery cost charged by the makers in that order. Each of our makers decides whether and how much they charge. Therefore, some makers offer free delivery, some charge for delivery but offer free delivery when the order of their products is over certain amount.

You can find out the delivery cost of the makers by visiting their profiles, or get in touch with us here.

Many artisan food makers on Melted Inside are facing the biggest challenge: being small in a very competitive world. Our makers do not have the same bargaining power or the priority from the couriers; and most makers do not (yet) have the scale to absorb the delivery cost just by selling their products.

Why am I sharing this when you just want to find out how much it costs to ship?

Sharing the stories and the business reality with our shoppers is a small step we hope could create more space for the artisan food makers to survive, and eventually to give customers access to more quality choices. Getting the products to you safely and promptly is the priority of our makers, they just cannot yet do that for free unless an order reaches certain value.

We thank you for your understanding and support.



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