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  • Organic
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  • Cruelty-free

Made with love

The ultimate in keto snacking pleasure, for any time of the day. If you like bounty - this one is for you!

The Maker says…

These Keto Almond Macaroons are the bomb, fat bombs in fact. High in fat, low in carb and sugar, they are perfect for a low carb Keto lifestyle. Also, gut health-promoting, due to their high fibre content and a source of magnesium and manganese to boot. These macaroons are perfect with a cup of tea, coffee or lemon water alike. They are a great snack for travel, at-the-desk, or on-the-go. A moreish and satisfying treat without the guilt.


"Desiccated coconut (43%), chicory root fibre, almonds (nuts) (22%), coconut oil, MCT, vanilla extract, almond extract, sea salt. Allergens in bold. "


Room temperature; away from sunlight

Allergen advice

Nothing, Nothing



Alexi, the Founder of Cru8, believes that a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, well-being, and productivity benefits. She has been a raw food advocate since 2009 and has seen the transformational nature of eating high-raw firsthand. Since the beginning of Alex Read more



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