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What is artisan
food and drink

What is artisan
food and drink?

“Artisan food and drink” describes products produced by non-industrialised methods, often involves traditional processes, authentic recipes and fresh ingredients. Because artisan food and drink makers tend to produce in small batches, they can work with the seasonality of their ingredients and perfect the tastes and processes gradually and naturally. Artisan food and drink makers understand and respect the ingredients they use, they know where these materials come from and the nature of their ingredients. They have a good understanding of the processes and strive for the perfection they have in mind while being conscious of the impact of their production on the people, the communities and the environment.

“Passionately made, delicious food deserves to be discovered, wherever you are”

Why did I 
start Melted Inside

It all started with my frustration of not knowing what food and drink makers we had in our area. There are many around us, but it isn't always easy to buy from them or to find out more about them. Many artisan food and drinks makers work hard to create what they believe, and know, is better, tastier and more special. I'd like to make it easier for shoppers to buy from all the passionate and inspiring artisan food and drink makers, and to make it easier for the makers to tell their stories and connect with the customers.  We can all learn more about the provenance of what we eat and drink: where it came from, who makes it, what they make it with and why they do what they do. Provenance matters. 

Our Ethos

A word from
Our Founder

Candy Bowles

A word from
Our Founder

Welcome! I hope this finds you well and healthy.

Melted Inside was designed to make artisan food and drink more accessible and better appreciated.  I wanted to help to bring more quality choices to more customers during the uncertain times while giving makers a more affordable channel to grow. With the shortage of slots in delivery and the need of customers at the time of isolation and social distancing, I brought forward the pilot of Melted Inside in mid 2020. Piloting a new marketplace during the lockdown was a leap of faith, to put it mildly.

Working with the artisan makers has been a wonderful and humbling experience. Their passion is simply inspiring and energising. This realisation helps me appreciate what they make even more.

While you do your shopping on Melted Inside, I invite you to take a pause and read about the stories of our makers.

Thank you for visiting us and for your support to the artisan makers. 


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