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Texas Rub employs the basic dry rub ingredients of salt, pepper and sugar but with added flavours from aromatic seasonings and some chilli peppers.

The Maker says…

The definition of Texan BBQ is simplicity, concentrating on beef, lots of it, and basic dry rub ingredients of salt and pepper. We want to add flavour but not over power the meat with for the great taste of southern American BBQ at home. BOHNS dry rubs add flavour, colour, and help produce the heavy, smoke infused, outer spice crust so desired by BBQ pit masters.


Brown sugar , Seas salt, Chilli powder, Paprika - smoked, Garlic powder, Mustard powder, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, Thyme, Basil, Oregano



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BOHNS starting trading in 2015 and set about our mission to bring great tasting rubs to the world from our home base in Derby. We like a challenge! Seriously though, with no pretensions of being master chefs we had a simple vision of offering products that are easy and ready to use that Read more



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