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  • Eco-friendly
  • Vegan
  • Plastic Free

Made with love

Our strongest dark chocolate, not necessarily bitter, with citrus notes

The Maker says…

This 78% cocoa milk chocolate is made with organic cacao beans from Cahabon, Guatemala, and transformed into bars by ourselves. We make our chocolate from raw cacao beans, which we roast and sort by hand, then grind with high quality ingredients. Our chocolate is made in micro batches in Worthing (UK), and packaged in plastic free wrappers.


organic cacao beans, cane sugar, organic cacao butter



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Terre de Sienne
Terre de Sienne


Terre de Sienne

Hi, I'm Audrey ! I am a French pastry chef/chocolate maker, after many years in pastry I decided to focus on chocolate and create my own Bean to Bar business in 2019. The idea of making my own chocolate from scratch came from research about the chocolate industry and the will to make a ch Read more


Terre de Sienne

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Terre de Sienne

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