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Terre de Sienne

Terre de Sienne
Hi, I'm Audrey ! I am a French pastry chef/chocolate maker, after many years in pastry I decided to focus on chocolate and create my own Bean to Bar business in 2019. The idea of making my own chocolate from scratch came from research about the chocolate industry and the will to make a change in the way chocolate is sourced and handled. As a chocolate maker I focus on the making of the chocolate itself, starting from raw organic cacao beans, which I roast and process until the end : a beautiful chocolate bar. Making chocolate from bean to bar offers more transparency on the ingredients, I make sure that my cacao beans come from an ethical source. I turn them into chocolate with a very small list of ingredients, no additives are used and the bars are packaged in plastic free wrappers. Read more
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Terre de Sienne

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Listen to Terre de Sienne’s Story
Terre de Sienne
Listen to Terre de Sienne’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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