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The clove flavour is so unexpected in these sweets: very aromatic at first, then becoming more complex as the lokoum melts. As the layers of flavours unfold, you take a sip of our coffee and it all makes perfect sense…

The Maker says…

Surprise yourself and rediscover Turkish delight with our carefully crafted selection of flavours. Hand crafted from only the finest natural ingredients, our Clove Turkish delight is made with clove, with no artificial additives. The Turkish Delight comes in 200g box. Enjoy on its own, or with a cup freshly made coffee!


Sugar, corn starch, water, clove (0.4%), acidity regulator (potassium tartrates)


Room temperature; away from sunlight

Allergen advice

Ozerlat UK Ltd


Ozerlat UK Ltd

At Özerlat we’ve been making and selling gourmet Turkish coffee for just over 100 years. The company’s founder, our great-grandfather Dervis ‘Tahmis’ Özerlat, started the business in 1917 in Nicosia, when he became the first person to introduce freshly roasted Turkish coffee to C Read more


Ozerlat UK Ltd

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Ozerlat UK Ltd

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