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Croccante Bakery

Croccante Bakery
My Italian heritage sparked my passion for baking during my childhood. My Italian grandmother was a wonderful baker. She lived in a quaint farmhouse back in Brazil (my home country), and watching her create delicacies, sitting by the warmth of a wood-burning stove and sipping coffee was so peaceful. All her granddaughters inherited her passion for food, cooking and, especially, baking. Croccante Bakery was born from my passion for baking. The idea of starting this business came to me after I took part in a Bake Off at my church, in Tunbridge Wells, where my pistachio and lime cake won the competition. Throughout the first lockdown in 2020, I took up biscuit baking and decorating again. And why not sell them? At the start of 2021, I made my dream a reality! This is how Croccante Bakery, my crunchy passion of a business, came to be! I love baking both plain and fondant-decorated biscuits. This means you can enjoy them for the flavour and the decoration! They are yummy by themselves or alongside some coffee or tea (my husband being living proof of this). Croccante Bakery’s biscuits are a crunchy addition to your day! Read more
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Croccante Bakery
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