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Mawish Food

Mawish Food
I'm Caroline, the face behind MAWish food. The backstory behind MAWish, started with my passion for living a healthy, happy and energetic life when I was over in New Zealand in 2017. I worked with a number of athlete, and it fascinated me how much food affected performance so I started making organic vegan blends of nutritious compounds that can be made into a latte style drink or added to smoothies, porridge, soups, curries, cocktails... the list goes on! I hate the word "foodie" but I am one..and along the way I've become a qualified nutritional consultant, personal trainer & scientific researcher. Today, MAWish has become a creative expression of my love for nutrition and healthy living. It is a sustainable, premium brand with a focus on harnessing maximum nutritional benefit of each raw ingredient used. Read more
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Listen to Mawish Food’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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