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Burning Barn Rum

Burning Barn Rum takes its inspiration from the fiery blaze in which the founders' family barn burnt down in September 2015. “Forged from the fire and smoke of that day” comes our innovative and unique rums. Our Smoked rum is cold smoked using apple wood from the orchard on site, which we harvest, chip and season by hand. We transfer the base rum to an old stainless steel apple juice tank where smoke it. Our Spiced rum has real heat in it which packs a real punch. The carefully selected spices are hand-roasted in copper vessels before being steeped in the rum to impart their delicious flavours. Finally, our Honey & Rum Liqueur combines the finest organic blossom honey with pure golden rum. We blend the two to perfection, bottling at 29% for a reassuringly alcoholic liqueur. Burning Barn aims to bring craft and authenticity to the flavoured rum category with it's delicious craft produced rums. Our core values include using only whole, natural ingredients to flavour our rums. No additives or artificial flavourings. We strive to use as little plastic as possible. Our bottles are recyclable glass, our closures are all-natural cork and wood, and our labels are made from recycled paper. Read more
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Burning Barn Rum

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Burning Barn Rum
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