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Mint Chocolate Black Tea Blend - A steamy treat before bed

The Maker says…

You’ve had quite the evening. Good food, great company, but it’s not over yet. Time for dessert. Something chocolatey perhaps? They say it’s an aphrodisiac. You pour two cups of Dark Romance. A powerful mouthful of flavours; cocoa, peppermint, liquorice. You’re not tired, but something tells you it’s time for bed.


Sri Lankan Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Shells, Peppermint , Liquorice (CONTAINS LIQUORICE – People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption)


Room temperature; away from sunlight

Allergen advice

Nothing, Nothing
Miss TeaSmith


Miss TeaSmith

We source teas from all over Sri Lanka – from the cool mountains to the hot and abundant plains. The terroir of these different regions naturally leads itself to blending teas with subtle and fuller flavours. Sri Lanka’s unique landscape gives its teas its renowned complexity in flavo Read more


Miss TeaSmith

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