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Our MELTS Points

What are
MELTS points?

Why do we offer
MELTS points?

"Of course? Because we want your orders." Well, that's not really the main reason. If it were we'd have kept it really simple...

Our MELTS programme is a small gesture to thank you for your support - not only to us, but also to our makers. We also like more to have the opportunities to enjoy what our makers create, therefore when you buy from us and send a gift to your loved ones, you will also earn some points.

“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.” —Anonymous

What are 

We have 5 different kinds of MELTS.

Maker Supporter Point – When you buy from the same maker three months in a row, you will earn ten (10) extra points in addition to your Start Supporter Points.
Explorer Point – We give you ten extra points per order when you buy from a featured new maker.
Loving Giver Point – you will earn another ten points when you order a product(s) to be delivered to an address other than your own we want you to get rewarded for your generosity.
Tell More Friends Point – When you leave a review on the products or the makers you have bought from, and the review is accepted and published, you will earn ten points (10) points per review.
Star Supporter Point – In additon to the above points, whenever you make an order on Melted Inside, you will earn two (2) points per £1 spent.

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By now, we hope you can see that we have put in a lot of thoughts to the MELTS points. We like you to know we not only appreciate your support, we like you to share your love and care by sending some delicious gifts to your friends and family. And we are thank you when you take time to write a review to give our makers some feedback and encouragement.

Melted Inside Team

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