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Twisted Kombucha

Twisted Kombucha
Twisted Kombucha is an independent, authentic healthy alternative drink, rich in live probiotics. Which is vegan, raw, unpasteurised, lower in sugar, and gluten-free, containing only 100% natural ingredients. Twisted Kombucha is traditionally handcrafted in-house by Lou Dillon, currently the only female kombucha brewer in the UK who has professional credentials as a Registered Nutritionist and Food Scientist. Whereby, we have recently gained the nutritional health claim to be a proven vegan source of vitamin B12. Each of our 5 beverages contain their own, individual health benefits derived from the botanicals added for flavour. Providing a unique, high-quality experience through flavours, not yet seen on the market in popular commercial brands. Read more
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Twisted Kombucha

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Twisted Kombucha
Listen to Twisted Kombucha’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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