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Treehouse Bakery

I'm Stephanie, owner and founder of Treehouse Bakery. Treehouse Bakery makes vegan baking kits for your eco-friendly sweet tooth. I pack all the ingredients you need, conveniently measured out, into compostable packaging and post it right to your home kitchen. You can start baking the moment you open the box because I send both wet and dry ingredients (unlike some other baking kits) so there is no need to pop to the shops for anything else. I launched Treehouse Bakery in September 2020 after fostering the idea quietly in the back of my mind for too many years to count. I bake vegan recipes because it is kinder to the planet than using eggs and dairy. A lot of home bakers can feel daunted at the notion of baking without eggs - I can make it easy for you. You'll never guess the brownies you bake with my kits are vegan. They are simply delicious. And that's my aim with every recipe I create. Read more
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Treehouse Bakery

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Treehouse Bakery
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