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Savora Drinks

Savora Drinks
Gin & tonic, rum & coke - both are familiar spirit-mixer pairings. But if I were to say Tequila, what would you think of? At Savora, we specialise in premium mixers expertly crafted for pairing with Tequila. Tequila cocktails such as the Tequila Sunrise, Paloma and Margarita are amongst the most popular worldwide so we knew that people enjoyed Tequila as a long serve. However, there remained no established mixer for pairing with Tequila. After 18 months of working towards the perfect flavour profile, the first mixer in the Savora range launched in April 2021. We love seeing customers enjoying Tequila & Savora so please share your photos with us on Instagram & Facebook (@savora.drinks)! Read more
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Savora Drinks
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