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RoniB's Kitchen Ltd

RoniB's Kitchen Ltd
Hello! My name is Roni and I am the founder of RoniB’s Kitchen. I was born and educated in the Philippines and have been living in the UK for 18 years now together with my life partner, Steve. I started RoniB’s Kitchen in 2017, as a side hustle where it became a mission of mine to make Filipino food known, appreciated and loved because it is an unknown cuisine here in the UK. My love of food started very early on with an insatiable appetite for delicious food and at the age of 12, I started venturing into the kitchen. Eventually, I moved into the savoury world, paying attention to international dishes, as our home fare were very much based on local and regional dishes. Moving out of my native country has pushed me to become a better cook and understand what is locally available and re-create dishes from my food memories of the Philippines that celebrates its bold and complex flavours, together with subtle taste influences of our Southeast Asian neighbours, as well as Spain, Mexico and America. My products are my tribute to a cuisine overlooked by many but unforgettable to those who have tried it. Read more
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RoniB's Kitchen Ltd
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