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Plant Pops

Plant Pops
We started Plant Pops because it was always the same choice of snacks: crisps, popcorn and really nothing else. We decided it was time to change that and snack differently! Our initial range of Popped Lotus Seed snacks in 3 delicious flavours: Himalayan Salt, Smoked Chilli and Peanut Butter has been awarded the Best Snacking Innovation at the World Food Innovation Awards and also shortlisted for a Great British Food Award! They're like popcorn...but better, and without any of the annoying bits that get stuck in your teeth! Light, crunchy and less than 99 calories per bag!
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Plant Pops

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Plant Pops
Listen to Plant Pops’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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