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Nourish - grow, cook, enjoy

Nourish - grow, cook, enjoy
With Founder, Ineke’s background in nursing, we’re passionate about promoting healthy, wholefood eating. Our brand name reflects exactly how we feel about food, we love to grow it, cook it and enjoy sharing it! From an early age Ineke loved to be in the kitchen, where fresh home grown ingredients provided inspiration. It was whilst working in nursing that she recognised the lack of nourishing snacks that were available to her, and her patients. Nourish was born end of 2015 when she began creating simple, healthy snacks in her own kitchen to sell locally. Nourish continues to grow, moving from Ineke’s kitchen table to a small kitchen in 2016 to our very own Salsa accredited production kitchen in 2018 was an exciting step on our journey. Today a team of enthusiastic foodies make all of the Nourish snacks inhouse. Everyone, in the whole team, including all the kids, tastes everything, before we launch new products! Read more
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Nourish - grow, cook, enjoy

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Listen to Nourish - grow, cook, enjoy’s Story
Nourish - grow, cook, enjoy
Listen to Nourish - grow, cook, enjoy’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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