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Jin Jin

I started JIN JIN because I had to. My husband had been suffering from very bad eczema on his hands from the result of working in a professional kitchen - this affected him both physically and mentally. A few years ago, we were introduced to a natural enzyme drink by my father in Thailand (this enzyme drink originated in Asia centuries ago). He sent a couple of the enzyme drinks to us in London, every month, as we could not find this drink anywhere in Europe. After a week of having this drink twice daily, a miracle happened, my husband's skin had improved greatly. My eagerness to learn more about this miraculous drink led me to Taiwan to meet the producer. I learned that this enzyme drink contains remarkable nutrients and beneficial living bacteria which support gut health, so I started looking into the mysterious world of our intestinal health. I found that healthy guts = healthy body and mind. When our guts are strong and healthy they absorb nutrients properly and fight off the effects of toxins and pathogens, thereby benefitting the immune system. It has become my mission to share the drink’s health benefits with everyone I can. Read more
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Jin Jin
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