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Gallybird Ltd

Gallybird Ltd
Gallybird produces the first naturally sugar free premium tonic waters sweetened purely with stevia leaf extract and expertly blended using all natural ingredients. Our tonic waters have the perfect balance of subtle sweetness with a little extra sparkle to give a feather light, delicious tasting tonic. No sugar, zero calories, absolutely no nasties - how refreshing! At Gallybird we offer something different, innovative and new in an already saturated tonic water market. A healthier tonic for healthier lifestyles as we become increasingly aware and look for better for you alternatives. A great tasting sugar free and zero calorie option using the highest quality natural ingredients. Our delicate blends do not overpower but instead enhance by allowing the flavours of your chosen spirit, or non-alcoholic alternative, to shine through. Healthiness and wellness are not just a fad, but a way of life for more and more people and as a result, there is increased demand for natural, plant-based and 'clean' products to support this healthier lifestyle. Gallybird embraces these values and those mindful of their sugar intake, on a calorie controlled, keto, plant-based or simply healthier diet finally have a tonic water option. Read more
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Gallybird Ltd
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