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Abol Coffee Co

Abol Coffee Co
My name is Kedist. I am a London-based entrepreneur with a real passion for quality coffee. Growing up in Ethiopia, coffee played a huge part in my upbringing. As a mainstay of Ethiopian culture, drinking coffee is an important indulgent aspect during social events. Like most Ethiopian households, my family made and drank coffee three times a day as is customary, especially when entertaining guests in special coffee ceremonies. At a young age, I learnt how to roast and prepare the beans myself. Visiting my grandma’s coffee farm, was how I saw first-hand all the hard work, skill and effort involved in sustainable coffee production. As Abol Coffee Co. business continues to grow, my aim is to provide ongoing support to the farms that supply my beans. This is especially important to me. The concept of single-serve coffee bags grew from an idea I had while travelling with no brewing equipment. I had brought my delicious Ethiopian coffee with me but had no way to make it! I realised that all too often, coffee lovers are forced to sacrifice quality for convenience. If you love coffee, you know that quality matters. I made it my mission to make it easy for people to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee wherever and whenever they want. Read more
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Abol Coffee Co
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