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Chiki Monkey

Chiki Monkey
My name is Jan Taube and I am a vegan chef and founder of Chiki Monkey, plant-based, gluten and soy-free meat alternatives. For many years I have been developing my skills in creating healthy foods that are delicious and sustainable. I have worked with many restaurants creating award-winning menus, bringing the best that plant-based foods have to offer but I wasn’t satisfied working on demand for businesses that did not share the same ethics. With the feeling of disappointment, unfulfillment and exploitation I decided to use gained experience to open my own vegan store that will be as inclusive as it can be. This is where the Chiki Monkey began - a place where we completely redesigned what a meat substitute should be without trying to make it look or taste like one it is trying to mimic. We labelled them as products of their own kind, all being gluten and soy-free also so versatile you are bound to find a million ways to use them! Pair them with our small-batch made, delicious condiments for a meal ready to prepare in no time ;-) Read more
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Chiki Monkey
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