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As a mother, I care about giving my children food that is nutritious and not empty calories or something that is bad for their health. Over time I found it difficult to find nutritious snacks for them to eat especially while traveling. I noticed “snack foods” were usually high fat, high salt or high fat, high sugar. We decided to start this business to make nutritious high-quality protein snacks available. Biltong is naturally air-dried beef; it is similar to but not the same as jerky. Biltong retains all of its nutritional value. Whereas jerky will usually be made over a shorter period of 3 days with heat and have sugar in the marinade. We use traditional methods of preserving the beef. No sugar is added to our recipe. Biltong is not an “ultra-processed food”. We offer Original Style biltong which you will find in South Africa and Chilli flavour, we make delicious Droewors/Chilli Droewors, - Droewors is South Africa's version of Salami. Produced in the heart of West Lothian. Using only Scotch Beef PGI, -is whole chain assured beef. Beef from specific animals that are sourced from selected Scottish farms, adopting best practice which includes animal welfare and natural production Read more
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HungTen Biltong
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