Davina Steel

Davina Steel
Following cancer treatment, Davina became severely intolerant to gluten. Missing the beautiful, artisan breads she had always loved, she embarked on a quest to create a replacement for gluten that would allow her to make amazing breads just like the ones she’d always eaten. The only gluten free bread she could find was dry, sweet, crumbly and tasted of chemicals. Davina quickly came to realise the reason for this: it was just too difficult to make gluten free bread without adding fat, sugar and an array of additives to recreate the structure of “normal” bread. Or was it? She tried every recipe, read any paper and book she could find and finally went back to basics to discover the structure and function of wheat and gluten in order that she could emulate it using only natural ingredients. Read more
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Davina Steel

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Listen to Davina Steel’s Story
Davina Steel
Listen to Davina Steel’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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