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Zepice Ltd

Zepice Ltd
As a busy mother I know that time is not always on my side & that is why I have created some of the easiest & tastiest blends that are versatile & very easy to use. I enjoy creating new dishes that are unique & delicious from natural flavours. Zepice was created with this in mind as well as bringing the the food and flavours we were brought up with be made available. Having lived in both the UK & Mauritius since childhood, we have always thought we have had the best of both worlds and have been able to appreciate fine food from basic ingredients and this is what Zepice is. At Zepice we have a range of fusion blends that scream: gourmet, home cooking, easy cooking, simple cooking, natural flavours, Moorish, family dining & new experiences. Gourmet chilli paste: a one pot wonder of deliciousness & very versatile Curry powders are New & Unique Rubs & seasonings take you on an exotic culinary adventure. Exotic Jams open your palate to something different. Flavour, Tradition, Authenticity, Let me bring a new dimension of flavour to your kitchen. Read more
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Zepice Ltd
Listen to Zepice Ltd ’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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