The Woolf's Kitchen

The Woolf's Kitchen
The Woolf’s Kitchen is a brand of spicy sauces, inspired by Founder Dominique Woolf’s Thai roots. In the days after having her first baby, Dominique's legendary aunt, Dang, would come over bearing gifts of curries, noodles and jars of sauces. It was these sauces that provided the 'lightbulb moment' for Dominique - she may not have had the time or energy to whip up an amazing feast from scratch, but add some ‘magic sauce’ and voilà, the most amazing meal ever! Now, a Leiths trained food writer and mum of three, Dominique launched the business during lockdown with her kids at home (then aged 3, 4 and 5) and no childcare (let’s just say bribery was involved!). Her kids have been on deliveries and even to meetings with her and can now recite her elevator pitch off by heart. Read more
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The Woolf's Kitchen

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The Woolf's Kitchen
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