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Nibblette was founded by Shaoni Nandy, a trained pastry chef and professional chocolatier. Shaoni's Indian heritage and her early years spent growing up in Kuwait means that many of her flavours are inspired by spice, Indian, Arabian and Persian flavours. She uses fruits, nuts, fresh herbs and whole spices to create her ganaches and caramels. Nibblette's chocolate bonbons are award-winning, having picked up 5 Academy of Chocolate awards and 5 Great Taste accolades in 2020. Shaoni's love for fine craft chocolate and the artistry of creating beautiful bonbons fuels her wish to use only the best chocolate couverture in her confections. She uses exclusively Valrhona chocolate in her bonbons, a French company who have a stringent, ethical code of conduct meaning that their chocolate is slave-free, child-labour free. deforestation-free, 100% traceable back to the cocoa farm and completely sustainable. Read more
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