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Lakeland Mues

Lakeland Mues
After being introduced to the concept of toasted muesli by a Swedish friend, Tim & Luke started making it for their own breakfasts as they couldn't find anything like it in the shops. A mountain biking accident, a broken collarbone and 6 weeks signed off from full-time employment was the unlikely catalyst for them to start selling their delicious breakfasts to the public. Things escalated from a stall at Keswick Farmers Market and before long, both had quit their jobs to pursue their toasted muesli dream. They no longer make it in their mothers kitchen but still oven-toast every bowlful from scratch in a dedicated countryside kitchen. Small-batch & packed full of the finest ingredients, their multi-award winning breakfast products combines the healthiness of muesli with the great taste of granola Read more
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Listen to Lakeland Mues’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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