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Hi, I’m Bethan, the flavour-fanatic mother-of-two behind Mother Root. I was in my kitchen in Peckham, pregnant with my second boy, experimenting with a fascinating old recipe, when I made what would become my non-alcoholic Ginger Switchel. I think of it as being created out of necessity. That’s because I was pregnant and thirsty. But it was also because I had long looked for a non-alcoholic alternative to the end-of-work-wind-down that a glass of delicious wine had been. Having worked as a wine merchant for over ten years, my palate was trained to read the nuances of flavour. So, I had the ability, the time, the motivation and the inspiration to get to the job of creating something full of flavour and complexity. As soon as I tasted it, and got that warming kick and full, lingering flavour, I knew I was onto something. And I wanted to share it. Because I know how many people want a non-alcoholic drink that’s just as special as an alcoholic one. So, that’s how Mother Root was born. My third child, if you like. Read more
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Listen to Mother Root’s Story
Mother Root
Listen to Mother Root’s Story Every maker has an amazing story. It can inspiring, moving, surprising and funny.
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