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  • Vegan

Made with love

Intense coffee with notes of bitter dark chocolate, vanilla and smoke followed by a tang of damp chesterfield chair leather and tobacco spice.

The Maker says…

My story for this creation came with the Song Cigarettes & Coffee by Otis Redding. I always play this song when I am up late with friends chewing the fat, and we all listen to it in silence when it's on. I created this cocktail for me and my friends as we are late night revellers and we want to keep going. This drink is a rebel Espresso Martini and is cut with bourbon as the base spirit and is expertly blended with a tobacco liqueur made with the worlds rarest tobacco called Perique, which grows on the banks of the Mississippi delta. It's completely safe and provides a unique and compelling complexity to the drink. Premium Del Maguey Mezcal is added for extra smoke, a stout reduction for sweetness and fresh Arabica coffee for that stay up hit and some house chocolate bitters season the finish.


Coffee, tobacco liqueur, Mezcal, bourbon, stout reduction, demerara sugar, chocolate bitters


Room temperature Away from the sunlight

Allergen advice

Cocktail In A Bottle


Cocktail In A Bottle

I have an innate desire to want to please people. When I got older and wiser, I learned the importance of taking pride in what you do, believing in your own abilities and pushing the boundaries. In business I only do things I enjoy and that push me creatively. Making, presenting & drinkin Read more


Cocktail In A Bottle

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